Improve sustainable employability through Tiptrack

Tiptrack motivates employees (and keeps them motivated) to take control of their own careers throughout their working lives. Tiptrack also encourages employers and keeps them motivated to offer their employees possibilities for development and sustainable employability.

Tiptrack cover five themes that form the basis of sustainable employability: work, development, health, finances, and work-life balance.


Tiptrack for employers

  • Online platform, accessible through various devices.
  • Single sign-on is possible.
  • Tiptrack webshop with a large selection of trainings, elearnings, coaching, etc. It’s possible to include own company trainings or coaching.
  • Look and feel can be adjusted to own company/industry branding, including the possibility to add own business page before Tiptrack log-in.
  • Ready-to-use implementation package: implementation plan and communication plan including toolkit with resources and communication material.
  • Organisation scan with advice and benchmark.
  • Own dashboard with real-time reports.
  • Network meetings for employers.


Tiptrack for employees

Tiptrack makes your work productive and enjoyable, for now and in the future.

  • Get actionable tips from experts: information, encouraging further reflection and action.
  • Do the free sustainable employability scan to get more insights and identify what to work on.
  • Free tools and tests to get more insight into different aspects of your life and work.
  • Purchase trainings or coaching directly in Tiptrack.
  • Clear overview of personal budget to spend on sustainable employability activities.
  • Setting goals.
  • We care about your privacy: Tiptrack is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Service desk for support needs.